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Conservatory blinds offer – no VAT on 12 of our most popular pleated conservatory blinds styles and colours!

March 29th, 2011

With the clocks put forward an hour we have an added spring to our step. We thought we’d celebrate by giving some of our most popular pleated blind fabrics even more appeal!

Choose one or more fabrics from 12 of our most popular pleated conservatory blind fabrics and we’ll knock 20% off the total price as long as you place your order before the end of May 2011.  That’s the equivalent of no VAT on our most popular pleated conservatory blinds!

Conservatory blinds discounted crush fabricsAll our conservatory blinds fabrics are of very high quality and have solar protective coatings to protect from the sun’s UV rays and to help control the temperature in your conservatory.

6 of our most popular plain conservatory blinds fabricsIn this special offer we’ve included 6 of our very popular crush fabrics and 6 plain fabrics.  You don’t have to stick to just one fabric to benefit from this offer – all the discounted fabrics  can be mixed and matched to suit.  So, you could have a pleated crush fabric in your conservatory roof blinds and a plain pleated fabric in your conservatory window blinds, or you could choose a single style fabric throughout but with different colours for the roof and windows, the choice is yours.  Colour co-ordination is very important and the fabrics we have chosen all blend beautifully together.

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