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Cheaper conservatory blinds yet better service – an independent family business

June 28th, 2011

We receive many phone calls every day from customers asking us all sorts of questions relating to their conservatory blinds requirements, fabric choice, how the conservatory blinds work etc. We’re very happy to answer any questions that any of our current or future customers might have and all our staff are very knowledgeable about our pleated conservatory blinds, something that can not necessarily be said about the larger conservatory blinds companies in the market.  One lady recently asked us “As you’re a small family-owned business are you more expensive than the big boys?”. Our answer was a resounding “NO”, for these reasons:

1. We make our own pleated conservatory blinds

We manufacture all our pleated conservatory blinds in our own workshops thereby keeping the cost and quality of manufacturing under control and avoiding having to pay another company to make the blinds for us.  You might think it strange that a conservatory blinds company that claims to be an expert might not manufacture their own blinds, but it happens.  We should know – many blinds companies ask us to make their pleated conservatory blinds for them because they recognise how good we are!

2. No expensive sales reps

We don’t have a fleet of pushy sales reps out on the road who need to be well oiled to keep going.  If you ask for a free home consultation, you’ll be visited & advised by one of our experienced Sales Designers.  So, no expensive sales commissions to pay means we can keep the cost of your conservatory blinds down to a more affordable price.

3. Honesty and integrity

With High Streets up and down the country beginning to look the same and large supermarkets sprouting up everywhere, there seems to be a trend of late for customers to want to support their smaller, local traders.  As a family business we back those smaller, independent, businesses all the way as we know they can offer their customers things that larger companies simply can not.  Of course, we want to be successful, but we don’t overcharge for our conservatory blinds, preferring to give our customers a great deal, whilst we still remain profitable.

4. Word of mouth

Our customers like buying from us and much of our business comes from recommendations – the most powerful form of advertising.  It’s the way we like it because it keeps our advertising budget low, and that means fewer costs to have to pass on to our customers, who don’t have to pay inflated prices.

So, the lady was very happy.  We called to see her, gave her a sensible price for her conservatory blinds (which she told us was far cheaper than a bigger company), she placed her order and is now enjoying her beautiful conservatory blinds in the knowledge that she has supported an independent family business.

For your pleated conservatory blinds requirements please give us a call on 0800 587 7301.  We’ll give you:

  • Lower prices

  • Personal service, from a family business that knows everything there is to know about pleated conservatory blinds

  • Time to chat and discuss your personal requirements, fabric choice, colour co-ordination etc.

  • Our full attention – you will not just be a number on the order pad!